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Work Permit

Important things to know…

ŸInternational students are required to obtain a work permit if they want to work in Taiwan (work on-campus or off-campus).

ŸIf students work without obtaining a work permit in advance, they shall pay a fine of NT$30,000 to NT$150,000.

ŸStudents with a work permit can work for 16 hours (maximum) every week (except summer and winter vacations).

ŸStudents who suspend or are withdrawn from study should submit their work permit to the University.


  Duration of work permit:


Application Period


Fall Semester

(September – January)

March 31 (Spring Semester)

Spring Semester

(February – June)

September 30

*The maximum duration is 6 months


  Required Documents for Work Permit Application:


1.    Application form

2.    Student ID card copy (both sides)

3.    Copy of valid passport

4.    Copy of valid ARC (both sides)

5.    Receipt of application fee (NT$100)

6.    Certificate of applying for work permit


  How to apply?

Students can submit all the required documents to OIA office, OIA staff will help process the application.