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Application Requirements
Who can apply as international students?
Eligible applicants are:
1. Student with a foreign nationality
2. Student who has never held nationality status from the Republic of China (R.O.C.)

3. Student who does not possess an overseas Chinese student status at the time of application

Required diplomas for applicants:

Bachelor program: Applicant should possess a high school diploma
Master program: Applicants should possess a bachelor’s degree
PhD program: Applicants should possess a master’s degree


1. For international student status, please refer to “MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan”.

2. Students who fit the conditions stated in Article 2 of the Nationality Act are considered to possess ROC nationality.

3. Mainland China students must apply through the University Entrance Committee for Mainland Chinese Students.

How to apply?

Required documents for application:

1. Application form

2. A copy of passport or identification (residence certificate or birth certificate)

3. Diploma of highest academic degree

4. Official transcript

5. Financial statement issued by bank

6. Certificate of ROC Nationality Renouncement (*For applicants who have had ROC citizenship)

7. Documents required by respective departments/institutes

Note: Applicants should send application package to Office of International Affairs, and the package shall be postmarked before the application deadline.

For application dates, please check “Important Dates”.

For more details, please check the Admission Guidelines for International Students.

Contact information:

Ms. Eva Chiu
TEL: +886-7-6011000 #1622
FAX: +886-7-6011801
ADD: No.1, University Rd., Yanchao Dist., Kaohsiung City 824, Taiwan (R.O.C.)